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Oxford Science Blog on Swine flu, antivirals & proteins.

On 22nd April 2009, Prof. Elspeth Garman was elected as the president of the British Crystallographic Association.

See the BCA website for more information.

The picture at the bottom of the menu above shows a loop-mounted crystal at 100K. The white light on the crystal is from a Halogen lamp used for optical analysis of the crystal, using an online microspectrophotometer (ESRF), during exposure to X-rays.

The lab tools section now includes Xenon cell and cryo techniques and RADDOSE guides. The program RADDOSE can be obtained by contacting Elspeth.

Older news

Myrtle, our trusty Rigaku X-ray generator, was decommissioned on 14 August 2008. In her 21 years in the lab (installed 1/6/87, routine operation 1/8/87), she has helped solve over 50 new protein and DNA structures, and provided data for at least 250 ligand soak experiments. In 2003, she won an engraved clock for being the longest running X-ray generator in the world (she has clocked through 99,999.9 hours back to 0, and is now on 43,312 hours). She was in operation for over 90 % of the hours since her installation. She is one of the unsung stars of LMB.